Best 7+ Passenger Vehicles of 2015

The following list is all of the SUVs, crossovers and minivans that offer seating for 7 or more either standard or as an option in 2015. With over 40 vehicles to choose from that can carry 7+ passengers, we created this table to help you narrow down the options to the few that are in your range in terms of price, efficiency, style and space. Every year we award the top option in each of the following categories: Best Overall, “for the Money”, Fuel Efficiency, Minivan and Luxury. You can find our selections below the table.

If you’re interested in how we come up with the overall ratings, you can learn how we calculate ratings.

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  • “std” means that many seats come standard. “opt” denotes that the size is available as an option
  • The 3rd Row Room column is in inches and lists the head, leg and shoulder room in that order.

Year: 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016

 SUVMSRPPass. Volume (cu. ft.)3rd Row RoomMPG City/HwySeatsRating
Acura MDX$42,565132.335.6, 28.1, 54.720/287 std8.5
Audi Q7$47,700133.235.6, 29.2, 48.616/227 std7.7
BMW X5$53,200N/AN/A19/277 opt8.2
Buick Enclave$39,05015337.8, 33.2, 57.417/248 std8
Cadillac Escalade$72,970N/A38.1, 24.8, 62.615/218 std8
Chevrolet Suburban$48,250N/A38.5, 34.5, 62.616/238 std (9 opt)8.2
Chevrolet Tahoe$45,550N/A38.1, 24.8, 62.616/238 std (9 opt)8.4
Chevrolet Traverse$30,995150.837.8, 33.2, 57.617/248 std8.1
Chrysler Town & Country$29,995162.837.9, 32.7, 6217/257 std8
Dodge Durango$30,395N/A37.8, 31.5, 50.418/257 std8
Dodge Grand Caravan$21,195163.537.9, 37.2, 6217/257 std7.5
Dodge Journey$20,19599.5N/A19/265 std (7 opt)7.3
Ford Expedition$43,390N/A38.3, 37.7, 51.916/228 std7.6
Ford Explorer$30,700151.737.8, 33.2, 50.817/247 std7.7
Ford Flex$29,100155.838.7, 33.3, 50.818/257 std8.1
GMC Acadia$33,975151.838.4, 33.2, 57.817/248 std7.9
GMC Yukon$46,990N/A38.1, 24.8, 62.616/238 std (9 opt)8.3
Honda Odyssey$28,975172.638, 42.4, 60.919/288 std8.6
Honda Pilot$29,870153.738.2, 32.1, 58.918/258 std7.6
Hyundai Santa Fe$24,950146.635.7, 31.5, 53.918/257 std8.1
Infiniti QX60$42,400N/A36.5, 30.8, 57.121/277 std7.9
Infiniti QX80$66,350N/A36.8, 28.8, 60.514/207 std7.7
Kia Sedona$25,900172.338.9, 34.8, 59.418/248 std7.9
Kia Sorento$24,300107.2N/A20/277 opt7.8
Land Rover LR4$50,400N/A40.1, 36.3, 42.814/195 std (7 opt)7.3
Lexus GX$49,085N/A35.2, 29.3, 54.515/207 std6.7
Lexus LX 570$82,930N/A35.8, 28.3, 62.312/178 std7.8
Lincoln MKT$43,21033 (leg)16/237 std7.2
Lincoln Navigator$61,480N/A37.6, 37.7, 51.916/227 std6.9
Mazda CX-9$29,985139.435.4, 32.4, 56.917/247 std7.6
Mazda Mazda5$21,24097.730.5 (leg)21/286 std6.8
Mercedes GL-Class$63,600N/A38.9, 35, 50.519/267 std8
Mitsubishi Outlander$23,195128.235.7, 28.2, 50.625/317 opt6.7
2015 Nissan ArmadaNissan Armada$38,060N/A35.9, 32.2, 63.713/198 std7
Nissan Pathfinder$29,510157.837.8, 30.7, 57.120/277 std7.8
Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid$35,300157.837.8, 30.7, 57.125/287 std7.6
Nissan Quest$26,530177.840, 40.5, 61.220/277 std7.2
Nissan Rogue$22,790105.8N/A26/335 std (7 opt)8
Subaru Tribeca$34,095N/AN/A16/217 std7.2
Toyota 4Runner$33,010N/AN/A17/227 opt7.1
Toyota Highlander$29,41514535.9, 27.7, 5520/257 std (8 opt)8.4
Toyota Highlander Hybrid$47,50027/287 std8
Toyota Land Cruiser$79,905N/A35.8, 28.3, 62.313/188 std7.6
Toyota Sequoia$44,395N/A34.5, 35.3, 65.713/188 std7.8
Toyota Sienna$28,600164.438.3, 36.3, 61.118/257 std (8 opt)8.3
Volvo XC90$39,700N/A35.5, 30.1, 54.116/257 std7.4
2015 tesla model sTesla Model S$69,90094N/AN/A5 std (7 opt)9.3

And the 2015 winners are…

Finding the perfect combination of style, performance, and reliability in a 7 or 8 passenger SUV has never been easy, but consumers have some great options among the new 2015 models. Having a 3 row vehicle is a necessity for many families, especially those who need additional space to haul around cargo as well. It can be a little daunting to sort through all the new features and designs available while still being value conscious, so we’ve selected the top 5 SUVs of 2015 (each the best in its category) and summarized their main features and advantages.

2015 Acura MDX – $42,765


Best 7 Passenger Vehicle


2015 acura mdxIt’s the best selling 3 row luxury crossover ever made, and the Acura MDX shows no signs of losing popularity in 2015. The MDX underwent a redesign last year, and maintains that design this year. But in this case, unchanged is good. Consumer Reports gives this vehicle 88 out of 100 points after testing safety, handling, reliability, and owner satisfaction. Buyers can choose front wheel drive or all wheel drive, with a 290 horsepower V6 engine that gets 18 to 20 mpg in the city and 27 to 28 mpg on the highway. Drivers say the suspension and handling are athletic and responsive.

The MDX has one of the roomiest interiors in its class. Rear seats can be folded down to carry big loads. Acura includes sound dampening technology into the MDX, making it one of the quietest rides around. Some of the glass is even noise resistant. Of course no SUV in the luxury category would come without all the latest high tech bells and whistles. Electronics packages include a rear wide screen DVD system complete with HDMI ports, a 12 speaker stereo system, Bluetooth, GPS, climate control, navigation and heated second row seats. Acura also applies the latest technology to safety features, offering a wide view camera, blind spot assist, forward collision warning, and lane keeping assist, which gently nudges the steering should the vehicle veer out of its lane. You can’t get a safer SUV either, as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rates the Acura MDX as a top safety pick, with the highest safety rating possible.

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2015 Nissan Rogue – $22,790

TrophyBest Fuel Efficiency


2015 nissan rogueThe Nissan Rogue had a facelift last year, with updated contemporary styling. A little taller, and a slightly wider wheelbase provide a little more interior space. There is some big news with a new optional third row seat that can hold two passengers, for a total passenger count of 7. But where this SUV shines is in fuel economy, offering the best in its class with 26 city and 33 mpg highway. There is a new all-independent suspension system that improves handing, and Nissan’s Active Ride Control makes for a smoother ride on bumpy roads.

US News ranks the Nissan Rogue 4th out of 23 vehicles in the Affordable Compact SUV category. Test drivers praised the quiet cabin which has new heated cloth seats as an option for 2015. This sporty SUV also ranks high for safety, with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety calling it a Top Safety Pick. A rear camera is standard, as are power windows, door locks and power mirrors, stereo with USB port, and Bluetooth technology. The SV model adds a power driver seat, climate control, push button start, and NissanConnect which integrates a smartphone. Other options include run-flat tires, advanced safety features, and LED headlights.

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2015 Kia Sorento – $24,300

TrophyBest Affordable Vehicle


2015 kia sorentoKia has been steadily improving it’s mid-size SUV Sorento model in recent years, and buyers say 2015’s model is now one of the best 3 row seat vehicles out there. The interior cabin got a big facelift and is now on par with many of Kia’s other models. Consumer Reports gives the new Sorento 85 out of 100 points for reliability, owner satisfaction and performance. Base models come with a fuel efficient 4 cylinder engine that gets 20 city and 27 highway miles per gallon, but a V6 model with 290 horsepower is available. MPG drops only slightly with the larger engine, to 18 and 25 miles per gallon, so the tradeoff for improved performance may be worth it.

Reviews in recent years criticized the Sorento cabin for feeling cheap, and this has been upgraded this year with better materials and metal trim. Bluetooth and a USB port are standard. Upgrades available include a rear facing camera, blind spot monitoring, a navigation package, and Kia’s UVO entertainment system. Updates to suspension components this year promise to be a big improvement in ride quality. In the affordable mid size SUV class, the Kia Sorento is a solid option for many drivers and beats competition such as the Hyundai Santa Fe in price, MPG, and utility.

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2015 Honda Odyssey – $28,975

TrophyBest  Minivan


2015 honda odysseyThe Honda Odyssey is ranked first in the minivan class by US News, and for good reason. The Odyssey consistently scores high for safety, reliability and owner satisfaction. A V6 engine gives plenty of pickup and drivers say its handling is great for a minivan and lots of fun to drive. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the 2015 Odyssey high marks, calling it a Top Safety Pick. The configurable seating layout makes it easy to carry any combination of cargo and people. The optional split second row allows two seats to slide around, to make things more comfortable for adults in the second seat. The third row seat can also move around, and the Odyssey offers six placement options for child seats.

The 248 horsepower 3.5 liter V6 engine gives it enough power to handle hills even with a full load. Fuel efficiency is slightly better than average for this class, with 19 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway. And Honda has seemingly thought of everything for a family on the go, with features like a built-in vacuum, and available entertainment center that includes surround sound and an ultra wide screen theater system. Other features include Bluetooth, a rear view camera, traction control, and lots of interior storage.

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2015 BMW X5 – $53,200

TrophyBest Luxury Vehicle


2015 bmw x5BMW’s third generation of luxury midsize SUV, the X5, is more luxury and less sporty than previous models, perhaps going after Mercedes buyers. Drivers can pick from three engines. A turbocharged 6 cylinder engine is standard. A turbocharged 8 cylinder and a turbo-diesel are also options. All 3 performed well according to reviewers, providing plenty of pickup and zero to 60 times between 4.9 and 6.9 seconds (the latter time for the diesel). US News ranks the X5 at 2nd out of 18 luxury midsize SUVs due to high reliability, safety, and performance.

Consumer Reports’ tester found the electronic shifter difficult to navigate, and the iDrive infotainment system complicated and cumbersome. But the handling and performance pleased testers, as you’d expect from a company that says they make the Ultimate Driving Machine. On top of the list price, BMW charges for many things that are standard on other SUVs, like cameras, collision and lane departure warning systems, the optional third row seat, LED headlights, keyless entry, and wood trim. Still, if you want luxury combined with utility, there’s nothing like it.

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