2017 Volvo XC-90 Review, Seating Capacity, 3rd Row

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Seating Capacity & Configuration

The all-new Volvo XC90 comes standard with seating for five passengers, but an optional 3rd row increases the seating to seven.

3rd Row Room

With 67 feet of cubic space in the back over folded seats, there is plenty of additional space for people or property. The third row’s full benefits, functions and capabilities are always an option that many often fail to consider, and these special features are always available for when that extra space is truly needed, even if some are more prone to forget that they are available.

A split rear seat of 40/20/40 capacity makes this vehicle’s interior benefits a few of the best when it comes to additional space offered and overall third row usability.

What’s New for 2017?

A higher grade of materials, as well as a more refined interior for the modern market, makes this vehicle one-of-a-kind. A few models include wood trim pieces to further complement the new look and design.

Standard leather upholstery in the new luxury models and the new infotainment system require a bit more practice and play than usual in order to get fully accustomed to and comfortable with. Trial and error are usually the best ways that people take to learn these key sensitive features. Climate settings are stack controls have been updated as well and are very easy to configure or modify.

Trim Levels, Options & Pricing

Designers have added new inscription trim features to all of this year’s Volvo XC90 models. These features offer three options for trim levels – Momentum, R-Design and Inscription – and have added unique, luxurious benefits to both the interior and exterior. Each trim level includes all-wheel drive.

The R-Design is the sportiest trim design of all and just a step up from the previous Inscription and Momentum. T6 AWD, T6 AWD R-Design and T6 AWD Inscription are offered as well as T8 Momentum, T8 R-Design and T8 Inscription trimming for hybrid types.

Volvo has just recently announced plans to add further trim availability options to future vehicles in years to come, and that three trim levels will only be the minimum offered on future cars. In addition, the XC90’s current inscription logo is featured on the vehicle door sills and may be seen any time that the door is opened. The current MSRP here ranges from approximately $40,950 to $51,000.

Interior Design and Seating

The front seats allow for heating feature upgrades for those extra cold winter days. Two fully equipped LATCH connector sets are used for child car seat installation and safety. Built-in rear booster seats are also allowed as an option for either first-time installation or modification and upgrade.

Performance and Powertrain

Every installed engine provides exceptional power, wonderful fuel efficiency and an overall safe ride. This SUV truly performs at the top of its game and can be used for everyday traffic or steeper uphill climbs. The power is in the torque.

Two powertrains come with the SUV, a T5 and a T6. The T-5 rules with a 240 horsepower 2-liter and 4-cylinder engine with turbocharger. The T6 is likewise turbocharged with a 2-liter, 4-cylinder engine of up to 302 horsepower. Eight-speed automatic transmission is included in each engine. An engine with added power is offered for fuller loads and may be requested from local dealerships.

The T5 offer front-wheel drive of 23 mpg on streets and 30 mpg on highways, adding to the fuel-efficiency of this non-hybrid SUV, making it the best in its class lineup. The T6 offers 20 mpg on streets and 27 mpg on freeways. The T5 and T6 come with a stop-start system engine, which turns itself off when the vehicle is not in motion. The most common example of when this takes place is during red lights. The car will more than likely turn itself off during an extended period of time in which it remains stagnant.

Safety Features

This vehicle has five-star safety ratings in overall crash, frontal crash and side crash, therefore making it one of the most efficient and safest around. Seven types of airbags, and an on-off switch for controlling them, are equipped.

Also Included

• Front and rear towing hooks
• Traction control
• Adjustable pedals
• A roll-over protection system with an emergency trunk release
• Blind spot monitoring with auto-level headlights
• Lane departure warning systems
• Night vision and daytime running lights
• Child locks for safety
• Turning signal mirrors with integration
• Auto-on settings
• Electronic stability control
• Brake assist functions
• Automated braking systems and four-wheel-drive automated braking systems
• Four-wheel disc brakes and four-wheel drum brakes

Front-disc brakes and rear-drum brakes come with purchase as well. The Volvo XC90 model has nearly 100,000 purchases already.

Driving Impressions

Minimal body lean during turns is the overall feel of reviewers. Ultimately, the 2017 Volvo XC90 dominates as the SUV of the highest quality and standard, plus the most purchased. With an overall safety rating of 9.7 out of 10, buyers usually walk away with a wonderful vehicle at a fair price, given a strongly positive impression as a whole.

This SUV has also been ranked as highly reliable, thus giving the impression of quality stability and true security in the long term. J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study ranked it four out of five in reliability ratings. This SUV stands as better than most in driving comfort and among the best in overall safety ratings from public consensus standards. Manufacturers only issued two safety recalls for air bags and seat belts.

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