2017 Tesla Model X Review, Seating Capacity & 3rd Row

The 2017 Tesla Model X provides excellent value for its price, being an all-electric midsize luxury SUV that shares many components with Tesla’s popular Model S sedan.

With five to seven seats, the Model X is excellent for family use, especially considering the long-range battery, and large storage space. With three models available, the 75D, 90D and P100D, this SUV is designed to fulfill every owner’s expectations and is well suited for city and country driving alike.

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Seating Capacity & 3rd Row Room

The Model X can seat up to seven adults, with abundant legroom for the first two rows, although the third-row seating may be a little tight for taller individuals. In addition, the third-row seats fold over, providing extra space for carrying cargo.

However, the second-row seats do not fold down, which reduces the available room for bulky items. The Model X seats five as a standard feature, with the third row adding $3,000 to $4,000 extra depending on the style of seats the purchaser selects.

Interior Design and Seating

The interior design of the Model X is intended to provide a high degree of comfort for its passengers. The power adjustable heated front seats provide excellent comfort for the driver and passenger, while the middle and rear seats are also leather seats designed to provide a comfortable ride.

A very large windshield provides the driver and front passenger with an excellent view that exceeds that of most other SUV models. A centrally mounted touchscreen holds the majority of the Model X’s controls, leaving the dashboard quite uncluttered and allowing both driver and passenger to access the vehicle’s controls.

The most unusual feature of the Model X is its powered Falcon Wing doors for the middle and rear seating rows. Automated and folding in two places, Tesla claims that these doors are easier to access in confined areas, especially for individuals trying to remove groceries or a young child from the rear of the SUV. However, the complexity of the doors may adversely impact their reliability.

Performance and Power Train

As an all-electric vehicle, the Model X comes with all-wheel drive standard for all models, and a power pack that ranges from 75-kwh for the Model X 75D to 100-kwh for the high-end Model X 100D. All models are very responsive on the road, with the 100D Model X capable of going from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds. However, driving at sustained high speeds will deplete the battery at a considerably higher rate than cruising speeds will.

The Model X’s driving range is competitive with most other vehicles in its class, with the economy 75D Model X allowing for up to 237 miles between charges while the 100D provides an impressive 289 miles before needing to be recharged and the mid-range 90D splitting the difference with a driving range of up to 257 miles.

In addition, Tesla has continued expanding its network of supercharger stations, making it increasingly easy to find a high-speed charging station that can charge the vehicle in about an hour. Third-party charging stations and home charging units are also available for the Model X. These options make planning long-distance drives very easy for Model X owners.

Safety Features

The Model X has a number of advanced safety features for both the driver and any passengers. Active features include collision detection and automatic braking features that can avoid a potential collision faster than any human driver could react.

In addition, the Tesla is equipped with 12 airbags, stability control systems, lane departure warning alarms and blind-spot monitoring systems. In addition, for those who pay for the option, the Tesla includes a semi-autonomous “autopilot” driving mode. While this is not a fully automated driving system, the autopilot will control the vehicle’s steering, brakes, and speed, enabling the vehicle to drive itself in traffic, change lanes, and be summoned from the garage.

While not a full “hands off” driving system, the Tesla autopilot has already helped prevent accidents due to its lightning fast reflexes when compared to a human driver. Tesla promises that there will be continued software improvements in this system, further improving its ability to assist the driver while on the road.

Price and Options

The Model X is clearly priced for the luxury SUV market, with the basic Model X costing $85,500 and a 100D model topping the list at over $130,000. In addition, Tesla offers a number of optional features for all models:

  • Autopilot for $3,000.
  • Air suspension (required for seven-seat models) for $2,500.
  • Cabin seat heaters for $1,000.
  • A premium package that includes cabin-wide leather surfaces and a medical-grade HEPA filtration unit for $4,500.

Driving the Tesla Model X

Drivers of the Model X will find that it is a fast and maneuverable vehicle, with excellent acceleration and handling characteristics. A nearly silent drivetrain, coupled with excellent soundproofing, makes it easy to listen to music or talk, no matter the driving speed. In addition, the floor-mounted battery pack acts to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity, dramatically improving how the Model X handles tight turns and curving streets.

On the other hand, while the Model X comes with an option for a tow hitch that is rated for up to 5,000 pounds, towing such a load will radically decrease the range of the vehicle, and make recharging somewhat more difficult. For this reason, towing loads should be reserved for local trips.

Is the Tesla Model X For You?

For individuals willing to spend a bit more, the Tesla Model X is an excellent choice, being both environmentally friendly and providing a comfortable, long-range ride. With the ability to seat an entire family in addition to their groceries, this SUV is an example of how Tesla has developed a high-tech vehicle, without ever losing sight of the fact that the SUV’s design should always contribute to the enjoyment and safety of its owners.

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