2017 Lincoln MKT Review, Seating Capacity, 3rd Row

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Seating Capacity & Configuration

The 2017 Lincoln MKT, a full-size SUV of luxury, taste and quality, currently seats seven passengers with three in the second row and two in the third row. The MSRP is only $44, 705, offering top-notch quality at the most reasonable price in return. The 2017 Lincoln MKT’s main strengths are spacious luxury, a powerful engine and a comfortable feel for the roads. One truly learns to take command of this vehicle, even if the feeling is short-lived.

The 2017 Lincoln MKT’s greatest weaknesses include low ratings from top car companies; the MKT rated 2 out of 5 by Car and Driver and 3 out of 5 by The Car Connection. Overall, these ratings further imply the impression that, all things considered interior and exterior, the vehicle does not truly satisfy in the long run.

3rd Row Room

Third row seating is standard on all models and offers an abundance of room for stretching one’s legs within the confined seating area, plus space for additional storage. The seats in the third row fold down for extra room as well.

What’s New for 2017?

A brand-new black trim on the dashboard comes with each vehicle, and that alone is a starting example for future models to follow. The MKT Inscription logo may be seen as the trim.

The 2017 Lincoln MKT also features a more refined and sculpted interior look and design in addition to recently added heated mirrors and heated front row seats. Head room has been limited slightly but is not significantly noticeable. Apparently, designers used the extra space for overall mobility and quality of seating.

Trim Levels, Options & Pricing

The vehicle offers base and elite trim levels for the front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive types respectively. The base’s MSRP is $43,530, while the elite’s stands at $49, 025. Leather seat trim and 19 inch wheels of painted aluminum make the price far more worth it. Automated braking systems and rain-seeking windshield wipers certainly add to the effect, giving one a more complete return on investment. Custom 6-speed overdrive capabilities with transmission are installed as well. Neither is a sunroof over the first row of fixed glass.

Interior Design and Seating

All doors come with a key fob and remote keyless entry activation options. Parking assist, driver and passenger lumbar support, front fog lights, front driving lights and a unified interior design with comfortable and expandable seating certainly gives passengers a sense of elegance combined with luxurious flare. Such features should come in any vehicle of higher class. The interior is quite spacious with room for maneuverability. The seats are large, comfortable, and spacious as well.

The design of the back row seats is quite uniquely formed and elegant. It offers many curves and marked shapes from the front side, marking where a person’s back and neck should be placed. The everyday rider usually does not pay attention to or even notice such seemingly minute details. Air conditioning is available in all rows.

Performance and Powertrain

Base vehicles include a built-in 3.7 liter engine, and elite vehicles’ engines include 3.5 liters. Both types come with a V6 cylinder. The base version gets up to 16 miles to the gallon in city limits and a maximum of 24 on the highway, whereas the elite version gets up to 15 in the city and 21 on the highway. A range of 303 to 365 in horsepower adds additional performance value.

With a 6-speed 6F automatic transmission commonly equipped throughout many similar Lincoln vehicles, plus electric startup drive and Eco power, this ride delivers. Boosts are likewise included in the built-in package. Fleet orders may request such boosts and upgrades. Certain restrictions apply.

Safety Features

Basic safety warranties last four years on up to 50,000 miles, while drivetrain warranties last up to six years and 70,000 miles. Corrosion warranties last five years with unlimited mileage, and roadside assistance runs six years with up to 70,000 miles used. With a US NHTSA crash and rollover rating of four stars, this vehicle is safe, well-equipped and well-prepared to take on the road.

In addition, a 16.4 percent risk of rollover makes the vehicle exceptionally qualified. Side impact beams, rear parking sensors, airbag occupancy sensors, rear child safety locks, a backup camera, safety canopy system curtains for all airbags in all rows, electronic stability controls and roll stability controls only further add to the safety.

Driving Impressions

The general sentiment of reviewers has been one of luxurious comfort with plenty of room to move around, not to mention a much-needed and past due update, which was delayed more than once. Nonetheless, the 2017 vehicle has finally arrived.

Designers and manufacturers alike compare it to similar vehicles such as the INFINITI QX60 and the INFINITI QX70. The vehicle continues to be in high demand, even though MSRP prices have dropped significantly since their first release. It is a good sign to note, therefore, that customers still consume this vehicle and make many demands for it; the higher the demand is, the greater the supply should be in order for Lincoln to stay in business and prosper.

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