2017 Honda Pilot Review, Seating Capacity, 3rd Row

The Honda Pilot has been around for years, giving consumers a chance to have an SUV without all the clunky, truck-like features of other SUVs. Last year, the Pilot underwent a huge design change, which completely transformed the look and feel of the vehicle.

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This vehicle has plenty of room for the entire family, making it an ideal family car without the chunkiness of a mini-van. It’s a soccer mom car with style to match. No matter what car shoppers might be looking for in an SUV, the Honda Pilot has a little something for everyone.

Seating Capacity & Configuration

There is plenty of room to stretch out your legs while traveling in a Honda Pilot. With standard seating for eight, the three rows don’t give up space for the sake of function.
There are three rows of seating in each Pilot style, though the second row is swapped from a bench seat to captain’s chairs in the Elite trim. The front seats and middle seats are spacious, but it is the 3rd row in the new Pilot that is incredible.

3rd Row Room

The Pilot, unlike other SUV models, does not lack space in the third row. In fact, it is just the opposite. The seating in the Pilot has enough room for all but the largest adults. The seats are low-mounted. However, taller riders should be careful with their knees. The 3rd row has never been more spacious for adults, making the Pilot the first in its class to have this much room in the back.

What’s New for 2017?

Among some of the greater changes in 2017, the Honda Pilot has made several of them. With the more spacious 3rd row seating, the Pilot has come a long way since just last year. The Pilot is equipped with state of the art safety features, electronic features, and much more.

The interior of this SUV crossover is plush and soft, while the exterior is smooth and sleek. No matter what car shoppers are looking for in an SUV, the Pilot has added several new and exciting features to this ever popular vehicle. The specifics of what’s new for 2017 are:

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connect have now been added.
More spacious 3rd row seating has been added.
A solid black interior is available for all trim levels. This comes with the White Diamond Pearl paint shade.

Trim Levels, Options & Pricing

The Honda Pilot has several different trim levels, ranging in sizes for even the pickiest car shopper.
The LX 2WD features a front wheel drive system, much like a car. This particular trim level also gets 19 city MPG (miles per gallon) and 27 highway MPG.

The LX AWD, the next trim level, features an all-wheel driving system, with 18 city MPG and 26 highway MPG. The EX 2WD has the same features as both the LX 2WD and the EX-L 2WD.

The EX AWD and the EX-L AWD have the same features at the LX AWD as well. There are also the Touring 2WD, Touring AWD, and the Elite AWD which is the larger of the three trim levels.

Prices for each Pilot trim level will vary with each city, state, and dealer. Below are the average prices for each trim level without any added features.

  • LX 2WD: $30,595
  • LX AWD: $32,395
  • EX 2WD: $34,030
  • EX AWD: $34,830
  • EX-L 2WD: $36,455
  • EX-L AWD: $38,255
  • Touring 2WD: $43,470
  • Touring AWD: $43,470
  • Elite AWD: $47,070

Interior Design and Seating

The Honda Pilot boasts a soft and comfortable interior, with plush seating and consoles. This SUV also has a luxurious feel with relaxed seating throughout. For families who enjoy a more upscale appealing interior with the comfort of plush seating, the Pilot is the perfect vehicle. The interior design is eye-catching, making it both functional and luxurious.

Performance and Powertrain

Typical SUVs run much like a truck or mini-van, with loud car noise. The Honda Pilot, however, features a quiet interior, masking out the road noise that is typical with larger or crossover vehicles. The Pilot has a 280 horsepower V6 engine, and it can be paired with either a 6-speed or 9-speed.
The Pilot is an automatic vehicle with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Either option is available for car shoppers. The vehicle boast of an incredible fuel economy and it can even tow up to 5,000 pounds which are great for family camping trips.

Safety Features

The Honda Pilot has a variety of top-of-the-line safety features. With most of these safety features being introduced in the past few years, the Pilot has a wide selection of features to add on to the trim level choice. Just a few of the safety features offered on the Pilot are:

  • Driver-assistant systems
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Crash-detection systems
  • Mitigation
  • Driving Impressions

The Pilot has multiple steering feels that chance with each trim level. Most every trim level boasts of a relaxed steering feel, and the larger wheels are made to give the Pilot a more luxurious ride. This SUV crossover also has an amazing towing capacity, which is unlike any in its class. For owners who are in multiple different weather types, the Pilot has a mode to help when driving through different terrain—normal, mud, snow, or sand. There are limitless possibilities to the Pilot.


The Honda Pilot, an incredible SUV crossover, has broken out of its shell in the past few years. With state of the art safety features, trim levels, and interior design, the Pilot is a vehicle indescribable.

Between the sleek exterior and the impressive fuel economy, this will be a vehicle that car owners will be running to buy. Made for families, the Pilot has roomy seating that is comfy and relaxing for all passengers. It is no wonder that the Pilot has been steadily in the spotlight. Luckily, 2017 will be no different for the Honda Pilot, and this SUV crossover will be making headlines for years to come.

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