2017 GMC Acadia Review, Seating Capacity, 3rd Row

The GMC 2017 Acadia represents a move to a smaller and lighter SUV model than its predecessors, providing a mid-sized vehicle that is a bridge between GMC’s full-sized Yukon and its compact Terrain model. This model’s increased fuel-efficiency and responsive driving style mark a clear departure from previous models, providing a superior driving experience for the driver and passengers alike.

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Seating Capacity & Configuration

The Acadia provides a comfortable ride for its occupants. With the standard model offering seating for up to seven occupants in three rows, this SUV can easily accommodate the entire family. The second row offers sliding and reclining seating for its occupants, an especially important factor in ensuring the long drives remain comfortable for the passengers. Optional second-row captain’s chairs reduce the total occupancy to six adults, while the all-terrain 2017 Acadia has seating for five individuals.

Third Row Room

The third row provides less legroom for its occupants than the other seats do. While it offers plenty of headroom for any adults using it, the reduced legroom ensures that the third row is best used by children or smaller adults. However, the seats are properly cushioned and comfortable for anyone who is able to tolerate the cramped legroom.

What’s New For 2017?

The 2017 Acadia is a far different SUV than its ancestors were. Lighter, more responsive and provided with superior trim features, this SUV provides a superior driving and passenger experience compared to older models. Most importantly, it feels like an SUV, unlike the somewhat ungainly van-style driving experience provided by earlier models. An improved interior design avoids sacrificing comfort in the drive to reduce the overall size.

Performance and Powertrain

It comes with a standard 2.4 liter engine which offers 198 hp to the vehicle while also providing a respectable 25/21 highway/city driving range. An optional 3.6 liter V6 generates 310 hp while also offering 18/25 mpg for city/highway driving. Both engines provide the power to tow up to 4,000 pounds, although the larger engine is clearly preferable for owners who are expecting to tow heavy loads on a frequent basis.

The Acadia provides an excellent driving experience compared to previous models, responding quickly to the driver and exhibiting better stability at all speeds. The six-speed automatic transmission ensures a smooth acceleration and a standard start-stop system helps improve the SUV’s fuel economy, especially during city driving.

Interior Design

The 2017 Acadia’s improvements are not restricted to its engine and powertrain. In fact, the interior has seen a nearly complete redesign that provides a stylish and comfortable setting for the driver and passengers alike.

The trim features attractive and durable materials, while also providing abundant storage for the Acadia’s size. With a number of storage cubicles that are accessible from the passenger seats, as well as 12.8 cubic feet of cargo room behind the third row, the Acadia is well suited to bringing home the groceries. By folding the second and third rows, the SUV provides a total of 79 cubic feet of storage space, which is an impressive amount given the SUV’s modest size. However, for those individuals who demand the greatest possible cargo space, a larger SUV model might be preferable.

For entertainment, the it comes with a 7-inch touch-screen entertainment system, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone systems. A Wi-Fi hot spot can ensure that any Wi-Fi mobile device stays connected to the web. Finally, in a nod to the growing need to provide recharging ports for today’s personal electronics, the Acadia comes equipped with five USB ports and an 110-volt power outlet, ensuring that even the longest drive won’t see the passengers suffer from drained phone or tablet batteries.

Safety Features

The 2017 GMC Acadia has a number of safety features designed to protect both the driver and his or her passengers. In addition to standard air bags, it includes a standard rear-seat car alert that reminds the driver to check for anyone who might be in the back seats before leaving the car. Available safety features include front pedestrian breaking, rear cross traffic alert systems, automatic pre-collision braking, forward collision warning and a side blind zone and lane change alert system.

Driving Impressions

The Acadia provides an improved driving experience when compared to older models. The basic engine provides sufficient power for a dynamic driving experience, while the optional V6 provides boosted performance for those who desire it. Both engines benefit from the 2017 model’s lighter weight when compared to earlier SUVs.

The steering is responsive and provides excellent road performance, while the optional all-wheel drive prepares the Acadia to handle any type of inclement weather or rough terrain it is likely to encounter. City and suburb drivers will find that the nimble steering is excellent for negotiating crowded parking lots and congested streets. The Acadia’s anti-lock brakes add to the SUV’s maneuverability and comfort during the drive.

Finally, the optional Denali trim includes an adaptive suspension system, allowing the driver to adjust the handling and ride comfort to suit his or her needs. Drivers seeking the best possible maneuverability and comfort should consider purchasing this trim.

Options, Pricing and Trim Levels

With a wide range of options and trim levels, the Acadia is suited for all buyers. Starting at a MSRP of $29,995, a fully equipped AWD Acadia comes in at $39,115, while the 2017 Acadia Denali sells for $45,070.

Among the available options for these vehicles are packages providing cargo handling features, protection for the floor and interior, 18” to 20” wheels, and a trailering package. The wide range of available options make the Acadia an excellent choice for individuals who are seeking a personalized SUV for their own use.

The 2017 Acadia: Final Judgments

The 2017 Acadia provides a comfortable and budget-conscious option for anyone who needs a mid-sized SUV. With its wide range of options, comfortable seating and dynamic driving experience, the Acadia can serve as an excellent vehicle for suburban families and urban professionals alike. Comparing very favorably with the competing 2017 SUV lineup, the 2017 GMC Acadia represents a dramatic improvement over GMC’s previous offerings.

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