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Updated for 2015!

Modern passenger vehicles can be as sleek, sophisticated and luxurious as some high-end vehicles while still being as practical as ever. Families and large groups can comfortably sit 7 or 8 with a third row without sacrificing interior or exterior style, performance or having the latest and most advanced features available.

Below is a list of all the best minivans, SUVs and crossovers (that seat at least 7) that 2015 had to offer. Awards for each category of the 2015 models will be published below the table soon. There are 46 different 7 passenger vehicles offered by Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford other manufacturers, so we have collected all of the most important information to help you compare them. You can sort by price, interior size, head, leg and shoulder room in the 3rd row, fuel efficiency, the number of passengers, whether the seating comes standard or optional and an aggregate rating based on automotive critics’ reviews.

To find out how we determine ratings, you can learn how we calculate them.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of this tool:

  • To compare vehicles by a particular manufacturer, enter their name into the search bar
  • Hold down the shift key select and sort 2 columns at once (ex. to compare the MPG of the highest rated vehicles)
  • “std” means that many seats come standard. “opt” denotes that the size is available as an option
  • The 3rd Row Room column is in inches and lists the head, leg and shoulder room in that order.

Year: 2013 | 2014 | 2015

EPA Passenger Volume (cu. ft.)
3rd Row Room
MPG City/Hwy
Acura MDX$42,565132.335.6, 28.1, 54.720/287 std8.5
Audi Q7$47,700133.235.6, 29.2, 48.616/227 std7.7
BMW X5$53,200N/AN/A19/277 opt8.2
Buick Enclave$39,05015337.8, 33.2, 57.417/248 std8
Cadillac Escalade$72,970N/A38.1, 24.8, 62.615/218 std8
Chevrolet Suburban$48,250N/A38.5, 34.5, 62.616/238 std (9 opt)8.2
Chevrolet Tahoe$45,550N/A38.1, 24.8, 62.616/238 std (9 opt)8.4
Chevrolet Traverse$30,995150.837.8, 33.2, 57.617/248 std8.1
Chrysler Town & Country$29,995162.837.9, 32.7, 6217/257 std8
Dodge Durango$30,395N/A37.8, 31.5, 50.418/257 std8
Dodge Grand Caravan$21,195163.537.9, 37.2, 6217/257 std7.5
Dodge Journey$20,19599.5N/A19/265 std (7 opt)7.3
Ford Expedition$43,390N/A38.3, 37.7, 51.916/228 std7.6
Ford Explorer$30,700151.737.8, 33.2, 50.817/247 std7.7
Ford Flex$29,100155.838.7, 33.3, 50.818/257 std8.1
GMC Acadia$33,975151.838.4, 33.2, 57.817/248 std7.9
GMC Yukon$46,990N/A38.1, 24.8, 62.616/238 std (9 opt)8.3
Honda Odyssey$28,975172.638, 42.4, 60.919/288 std8.6
Honda Pilot$29,870153.738.2, 32.1, 58.918/258 std7.6
Hyundai Santa Fe$24,950146.635.7, 31.5, 53.918/257 std8.1
Infiniti JX$41,250N/A36.5, 30.8, 57.117/237 std7.9
Infiniti QX80$66,350N/A36.8, 28.8, 60.514/207 std7.7
Kia Sedona$25,900172.338.9, 34.8, 59.418/248 std7.9
Kia Sorento$24,300107.2N/A20/277 opt7.8
Land Rover LR4$50,400N/A40.1, 36.3, 42.814/195 std (7 opt)7.3
Lexus GX$49,085N/A35.2, 29.3, 54.515/207 std6.7
Lexus LX 570$82,930N/A35.8, 28.3, 62.312/178 std7.8
Lincoln MKT$43,21033 (leg)16/237 std7.2
Lincoln Navigator$61,480N/A37.6, 37.7, 51.916/227 std6.9
Mazda CX-9$29,985139.435.4, 32.4, 56.917/247 std7.6
Mazda Mazda5$21,24097.730.5 (leg)21/286 std6.8
Mercedes GL-Class$63,600N/A38.9, 35, 50.519/267 std8
Mitsubishi Outlander$23,195128.235.7, 28.2, 50.625/317 opt6.7
Nissan Armada$38,060N/A35.9, 32.2, 63.713/198 std7
Nissan Pathfinder$29,510157.837.8, 30.7, 57.120/277 std7.8
Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid$35,300157.837.8, 30.7, 57.125/287 std7.6
Nissan Quest$26,530177.840, 40.5, 61.220/277 std7.2
Nissan Rogue$22,790105.8N/A26/337 std8
Subaru Tribeca$34,095N/AN/A16/217 std7.2
Toyota 4Runner$33,010N/AN/A17/227 opt7.1
Toyota Highlander$29,41514535.9, 27.7, 5520/257 std (8 opt)8.4
Toyota Highlander Hybrid$47,50027/287 std8
Toyota Land Cruiser$79,905N/A35.8, 28.3, 62.313/188 std7.6
Toyota Sequoia$44,395N/A34.5, 35.3, 65.713/188 std7.8
Toyota Sienna$28,600164.438.3, 36.3, 61.118/257 std (8 opt)8.3
Volvo XC90$39,700N/A35.5, 30.1, 54.116/257 std7.4

And the 2015 winners are… COMING SOON

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